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The Namesake (2006)

April 1, 2007

The Namesake (read about the movie)… awesome movie. I was so engrossed in the movie that I did not even want to take the message that came on my mobile then. I laughed, I cried… I simply connected to all the characters irrespective of the situation or condition!
Irrfan Khan was just so good that I almost wished that he was not a fictional character. Same with Ashima… I was completely inspired by her innocence and strength… her love and her awkwardness while in the launder. Tabu was outstanding as Ashima… she seemed so much a Bengali that I forgot that she was actually a Hyderabadi!! Kal Penn was superb too…. his change from a rebellious teenager to a responsible adult was a treat to watch. Other side characters were great too!!
The movie would have been perfect if those little errors could have been avoided. How can Ashima while wearing the sari take her pallu on her right side and come out with a left pallu? Also, how come Ashoke takes off to Ohio with a black moustache, enters his Ohio home in a white moustache and then before his dieing scene has a black moustache in the hospital? Dying his moustache so often huh!!
Anyways… I loved the movie… a great choice for the Oscars for next year! All the best to Mira Nair!!
I’ll give the movie a 9/10.

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