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Ganguly panel confirms pesticide in soft drinks

April 6, 2007

Another issue… nobody can do anything about. I won’t say that I’m a soft drink fan… but then again… soft drinks are a way of life. What’s a party without them? Since, the kind of society I live in, having Alcohol is not an option at all… so either you have Soft Drinks or you have Soft Drinks!!! 😛

This pesticide problem is something for which something should be done… just banning the use of them will not get any support here…

Any words?

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  1. April 6, 2007 3:17 PM

    what i hate the most is misinformation…. pepsi actually tried to mislead the public.

    Pesticide problem…. pepsi has 1/10 the level of pesticides, steriods, antibiotics, germs etc than what a glass of milk has… so your choice.

    however if incidents like this pet food one regularly keep on happening pesticides might soon be banned.

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