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And the Miss India 2007 is…

April 8, 2007

The one who knew she would make it… the one who had actually participated for winning. We all know her… she has had made quite a name for herself in the past I don’t how many years. But I feel from the time I had heard of a channel called Channel [V] I had heard of a name… Sarah Jane… and what I didn’t know was that she also had the height and the guts to participate in an event as big as Miss India where I could only go up to thinking that she’d host the show rather than participate and also win it.

Miss India, 2007, was held today in Mumbai and I got to watch the exclusive telecast on Sony channel. Amongst the grand and galore, what was surprising was how the degree of comfort had increased among the judges and the contestants. I was pretty surprised to watch all the 25 contestants walking on the stage as if they were born to do it! Seriously… I wouldn’t be lying if I say that each girl there was absolutely prepared to be where they were. Sajid and Mona (of Jassi fame) did their hosting job very well. I say so because I did not find Sajid going over the top with his jokes and Mona was not using her hand more (as she has usually done for the past 3 years that she has been associated with the Miss India pageant (first year… she was Jassi in her Jassi type clothes and giggled more than say her lines 😛 ).

Anyways, the show went off well… among the guests, most were high profile names like Priyanka Chopra (wonderful in white off-shoulder cocktail dress), Sanjay Dutt (in his usual grey garb!), Subhash Ghai (out of work!), Rohit Bal (where’ve you been?), Ujwala Rawat (another Malaika Arora Khan!), Adnan Sami (hey man I loved his chubby fat… why did he have to shed them off? 😦 ) and many others! There were some ‘good’ performers… Koena doing a Crazy Kiya Re was too much though and Tushar Kapoor’s stubble made him look just out of a mental hospital and Lara Dutta seemed to have a very bad hair day and also a little extra weight in the wrong places and Rabbi Shergill (during who’s performance I changed the channel… so don’t know what really happened 😛 ) but anyways… the performances were in one word ‘tiring’, not only for the performers but also for our eyes… all were so long that my eyes were screaming for a little break!!

The dresses for the contestants were done by designers like somebody who’s surname was Behl and Ritu Kumar… and I hated them. They just looked like they were done in a single day!! There was no dress coordination and the shoes were seriously worse than the ones that I see in my college 😦  The only nice thing was the hairstyle and make-up which were very gorgeous. The average skin tone of the girls was in the dusky side and I absolutely loved the way the tone was highlighted and polished. The hairstyle varied from the bird’s nest to the straight tresses to the curly cuts! Not much haircolor was used and the natural look was far enduring!

As is common, the stage walks in short wears, cocktail wears and Indian wears, punctuated with yawn filled performances brought the show to a 3 hour torture after which they announced the 10 finalists  … the questions were all cliched and the answers were exactly what I thought would be… hence cliched to the hilt!

After the 5 last finalists were selected we were pretty sure who would win. It could be seen very easily that the one with oodles of I’m-The-Best and All-are-so-great attitude could be the winner. The last question, btw, was also something not out of the ordinary… “How would you convince a rural woman to take part in the Miss India competition?”

Answers varied from ‘well-framed’ to ‘what-am-I-talking-about’ to ‘always-tabulate-your-answers-to-make-better-understanding’ to ‘if-you-can’t-convince-confuse-them’ to ‘I-believe-in-every-crap-you-tell-me’!!

And the winners were the  girls who gave the answers which were able to connect with the judges in a way which only the judges could tell!

Another weird thing… The Miss India-Universe 2006, Neha was not present to present the crown and sashe to this time’s winner (this honor was done by Priyanka Chopra) and Miss India World was announced last as if it was the first prize… in the history of miss India Miss India World is the 1st runner up and Miss India Universe was the second runner up… here it was changed…. Why?

I’d like to know…!

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