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Update 7th April ’07 – Specs of Life

April 8, 2007


Hi Friends,

I know I will not be forgiven at all for missing a whole episode and not update it… I hope that you will forget it though…

I’ll surely update today… and as usual my update is going to start with the headlines… which I’ll call… initial jhatka!

1. Zoya finds the bitter reality of not being able to act and she discusses it with Sandip and Urmi
2. Zoya’s performance makes the director to call up Megha, the last actress to take her back
3. Rahul bluffs for Zoya… Bashir stops Mushtaq from meeting Imtiaz for Zoya’s marriage
4. Next story starts of the never returned Army officer, Nitya and his family which has a mother, a wife and a kid called Chiku
5. Aai, his mother is not able to see well… Sandip gets her specs made but still she is unable to see.
6. She knows her son’s letter by heart… Chiku doubts that his father remembers him
7. Aai slips from the stairs and faints

Full Jhatka…Summary – Click here

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