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Update 14th April ’07 – Letter from the Army

April 14, 2007

Hi friends,

First a very very very very Happy Baisakhi … (Baisakhi di Mubaraka kubul karo ji!)

Second, I have a little work… so this time the update will be shorter… without the headlines… please don’t be angry!

Aai is taken to the eye hospital Jain ENT Hospital…. (Blooper here… ENT is for Ears, Nose and Throat… what’s an eye dept doing there?) by Suman (Nitya’s wife) and Sandip … she is diagnosed Partial Retinal detachment… operation required

The whole Colonel Gunj come together to pay for the operation… but Aai declines the offer saying that she wanted to let her son do his duty or he would be very unhappy that his Aai could not wait until he came back.

Suman offers all her jewelry to sell and get the money for the operation… but Aai disagrees. Suman tells her that it is not worth waiting for him since he hasn’t returned for the past 5 years. Aai gets angry… but later apologizes and says that she has lost her mind waiting for her son! Chiku cries too when he sees his mom and grandma crying… but Aai tells him that since he is a Soldier’s son … he should not cry!

Next day… a telegram from the army dept. comes in the name of Mrs. Suman Waghmare… the letter gets wet and ruined due to the clumsy and irresponsible 4 deewane!

All they get to understand is Nitya (full name: Major Nitin Waghmare) would be arriving on the 28th April (that is … the next day)… all rejoice… Suman is initially shocked… but soon comes out of the stun and hugs Aai happily crying!!

Everybody celebrates Baisakhi for 2 joyous reasons… (one for the festival and the other for the arrival of the soldier!) Sandip calls the army dept to confirm Nitya’s arrival time… he gets the shock of his life! The CCO (Chief Commanding Officer … I think) tells him that Major Nitin Waghmare had been identified due to the ID card and the pic of his wife in his wallet and that his body was found on the Indo-Pak border last Saturday… “He is a matyr now!… his body will be reaching his home the next day in a truck by the afternoon!

Sandip breaks down… but nobody notices his sadness in the fun and dance of the celebration. When all gets over… he sits near the fountain and broods over the loss and grief that has struck the locality but all are ignorant about this! He shares it with Urmi when she comes down to give him a shawl (all Urmi-Sandip lovers will love this scene… when he holds her hand…!)… then next morning with the Elders of the locality. Nobody can decide who will break the news to the 2 women – Aai and Suman. Sandip says he doesn’t have the heart/guts to tell this devastating news to them.

The women are enjoying themselves… Aai makes kheer for Nitya, Zeenat provides the Kesar and Mahua takes care of Chiku. Suman makes the rangoli and after that… Rose and Sujata help her get ready for Nitya’s arrival. Just as Suman is about to apply Sindoor on the front hair parting, her hand is stopped by Urmi. Suman is shocked!

A wonderfully touching episode… I wish Nitya materializes next day… I wouldn’t be able to see Aai breaking down! But I’m sure if there is a scene like that then she is going to a very good job (she is such an experienced and wonderful actress)
Anyways… contrary thoughts rushing through me…
one more thing I noticed… Suvonkar was the Creative Head for this episode… (Great Job)

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