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April 15, 2007

I scolded my student today 😦 I feel sad and I feel that I’m the worst teacher on earth 😦 But then again.. I’ve never considered myself a teacher. I’ve always thought that I help my student to realize his worth and do well in whatever he can. Rahul, my student, is a very sharp kid. But he is very naughty and cannot concentrate for a long time. He is, but, very fast to grasp a concept. I wish he would be a bit persevering 😦

Today, he made me write an Imaginary Account of the Time when Jesus was Born as his History assignment! And the tomorrow is the submission date! And I just didn’t know what to do. I have never written anything like this before! He also told me that his teacher had told him to write it as if he is living in that age and he has to write all the reactions of the people in those times when they hear that Jesus is going to be born 😮

I know the story of the birth of Jesus, just as every Convent – educated person will know. 🙂 But how do I write an account thinking that I’m living at that age? What would I be? What would I do? How will I come to know that Jesus or the “Chosen One” is going to be born?

Should I be one of the Magi? But I don’t know what they used to do… how they came to know. Should I be a sheep among Joseph’s flock or what? 😛

I just didn’t know… Because of my frustration for not being able to think of something, I vented it out on the poor boy! I scolded him… oh I’m such a wretched person!! 😦

I also made him get scolded by his parents… I complained about him… saying he tells me to do the most weirdest things at the last minute (this is not wrong btw… he does do this… he once told me to find a picture of Gandhiji which should be as big as the quarter of a Chart Paper, draw it out in the chart paper and then stick little little pieces of colored paper torn out of magazines to color the whole picture (as in a collage)!! And he told me the last date of submission was the next day… and that he had got this homework 2 weeks ago!!). 😮

But then again, it’s not bad as it sounds. He is a very sweet kid. He does make me laugh at times and tells me all that happens in school which is always a pleasure to listen to since I miss school and I can live my school life again while listening to his tales!! 😀

I just wish he would stop this bad habit of giving me last minute difficult tasks like these though!! 😦

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  1. April 15, 2007 10:31 PM

    i thought u were a student

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