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AbAsh Marriage – What’s the Fuss?

April 23, 2007

The one thing that is talked about most nowadays is Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai (conveniently called AbAsh) Marriage. All the people I know of and who have reacted in front of me about this marriage, which took place on April 20th, have been so varied that it has influenced my thoughts largely too.
Let’s start with family. I came to know that actually these 2 actors are going to get married when I read on the newspaper that Amitabh Bachchan had asked his neighbours not to let anybody go on their terraces to watch the marriage ceremonies and had asked the civil aviation to not let planes, helicopters etc. to fly above his house at around the marriage ceremony time! This truly made this marriage an exclusive one. My mother somehow found all this very exciting and she kept wishing that the camera personnel might get coverage of this marriage. She has been following this marriage as closely as if it was of her own son! Well, come to think of it my brother does look like Ab in some ways! But that’s another matter.
Father hadn’t shown that much interest though. But I did see Ma telling Pa about what she saw on news that day of the Sangeet. Since I had no interest, I didn’t even want to hear what happened.
Among friends, I was talking to an astrologer friend about whether this marriage would work or not (since, that’s what everybody seems to think about nowadays and since, we do live in the age of divorces and frequent breakups and that I heard Ash was older to Abhishek and that she was a Manglik) he said that he hasn’t been able to see the Kundlis of the two as the ones given in the newspapers are wrong and they usually misguide. He wasn’t able to give any conclusion about this. Another friend was pretty sarcastic about the marriage… I don’t know why but he found the whole marriage thing pretty ironical. Another friend (just like me) thought that it was being made a big deal.
Actually yes. The truth is, this whole marriage thing has been blown out of proportion. Marriages are supposed to be private affairs. I do not understand why there is so much  intrusion or extra interest from outsiders. Its another matter, though, that film personalities have a public life and that whatever happens in their life matters to all their fans and people at large. But still, I’d still say that be it film personalities or anybody, everyone is entitiled to have a personal right, to do what they want, to marry whoever they want, without intrusion. If such extra interest wouldn’t have been there then Kate wouldn’t have broken up with Prince William and Lady Diana would still be with her kids Princes William and Harry!
Paparazzi can make these people’s life hell. And sometimes, their life can turn a bit on that side too 😉 … if you know what I mean.  I hope there is no other stampedes or beatings like the one by the Black Cats of the minister friend Amar Singh on the poor camera men who were trying to take pictures of the newly married couple.
So, well, what is done is done and as it is said that “Whatever happens happens for the Good!”. I hope that this marriage works well and they live happily ever after without people like Haya (or whatever that mad girl’s name was, who tried to commit suicide in front of their home!) frequenting their life. Both are good people and they will have a most high profile life as ever!

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