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The Fast And The Furious – Tokyo Drift (2006)

April 23, 2007

Before writing anything about this movie let me tell you. I’m not at all a racing car movie person. So, this is my first Fast and Furious movie. But wow, I’m smitten.
Just a few weeks ago I completed my driving training, so I could actually understand how it feels like how to drive. But since, I haven’t yet got my licence, I can’t try drifting 😛

This film is about drifting, drifters, tokyo night life and tokyo’s garage! That’s how I would sum up this movie.
You can read about the movie here.
I found Cars to be better than the guys. Cars were definitely the heroes and the drifters had a lot to do. The story, although, simple, was nice and sleak.
Sean (played by Lucas Black), a speedo-freak, gets to travel to various places due to his speed obsession (to put it lightly 😉 ) He gets into fights and mother makes him change towns/cities so that he doesn’t get into trouble due to this.
This leads him to Tokyo, to his father who tries to keep him away from cars. But he fails miserably and Sean meets the drifters like Han and DK. He also meets the girl of his dreams, a Gaijin by the name of Neela (Nathalie Kelley is beautiful!!). Han teaches him drifting and Sean is in constant struggle with DK because they share the same girl! The story takes a turn when Han and DK become enemies and DK kills Han. Sean at last takes his revenge (a race, of course!) and wins the girl too.

The cars create quite a flutter as they drift across mountains and highrises. Sung Kang (actor who plays Han) is the one to talk about. His cool and calm attitude contrasts DK’s and Sean’s hot heads and his smile is what I liked best. 😀
The Cinematography is what gives the cars an extra charm! Also the car designs were too good! (Look out for a dragon like green one!) Music… felt like cars were forced (no… the music was I think!)… but still it is worth a second ear (The first song… Bring it on… is good!) Sleak editing gives the movie an edge. So, summing everything up. I’d say it’s worth a second watch. But don’t overdo it 😉
Back to cars again… if anybody wants to drift… please keep in mind that it’s not easy and that you need quite a lot of gut and more money (to get you out of the law) to do it. 😉

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