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Update 28th April ’07 – Mohalle di Gaddi

April 28, 2007

Hi friends,

I wasn’t actually feeling like watching TV today but then… I don’t know why… I just felt… today would be one episode I wouldn’t want to miss. And I was very right. This episode was absolutely different from what we’ve been watching for quite some weeks. I’ll be short today… I had a difficult day today; my head is paining… but still…. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t update this particular episode.

The show starts with Ratiram giving Urmi’s father an invitation card to his nephew’s marriage. The 4 guys are playing cricket and things are normal around Colonel Gunj. When suddenly a rickshaw carrying Gyaniji comes. Gyaniji is in a very bad state. All help him inside. The man who had brought him said that he had had a little accident while getting down a bus. Gyaniji tries to show that this wasn’t a big deal. But everyone knows how children could be. Sukha felt very guilty. Only if his father had an alternative means of transport to go anywhere he wishes to go. He sees a car standing in front of Landmark (Sagar’s shop) and also sees a middle aged man helping his old mother inside the car. He decides (with a little help from his wife ) that as the FD was going to mature soon he will get a new car with that money.

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