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Spiderman 3 – Review

May 2, 2007

Another Superhero movie… about making the right choices in life. The third helping of Spiderman on the platter is just too much. Not in the negative POV, but in a way that it caters to everything … drama, romance, action, comedy, thriller… is anything else left?
Spiderman 3 starts with a recap of the past 2 Spiderman movies with the castings. Then the story starts with Peter Parker enjoying a wonderful personal, professional and super-human life. Mary Jane Watson who is now working in a Broadway Musical, is his steady girlfriend, whom he loves a lot and is planning to propose to her for marriage. Academically, he’s top of the class… the perfect nerd and professionally, he is the only photographer who brings Spiderman pictures. And as for the Super-human life, that’s good too… actually great! He is getting more positive recognition now. All kids (and adults too) love their own NY-Spidey. So, basically, Peter Parker has become one heck of a lucky chap, fighting crime, criminals and enjoying fame and cherishing love. But he has not been able to get past his own past. Harry Osborn, once his best friend, has become his enemy. He also has to face 2 other enemies. Also, all the things he enjoys turns against him in many ways. So, basically.. It’s one big web! The tag line whatever it might be… will have to say something like… “Life is all about making choices among the right one and the one you want”!
Acting is good… Peter’s boss is funny when he tries to buy a camera from a kid for 100 dollars (without film 😛 ). Music, I think, better. But the best thing about the movie is the action and the cinematography. Kids will love this movie because of the flying Spidey. But I’m sure the adults would ask whether the movie is going to finish soon or not. The 2 and a half hour movie stretches enough to make you feel exhausted and thinking… when will this get over?

Quoting my brother, who had accompanied me… “Airtel to Spiderman3, everybody is trying to sell emotions”.

Nothing much to say from my side… all I’d say is go for the movie and judge for your ownself.

I’d give a 5.5/10

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  1. May 15, 2007 12:36 PM

    i think spiderman 3 is the best evr ever film i give it 10/10 and it was even better being so 2 hour and 30 mins i wanted it to never end tobey was lookin buff as a emo lol and kirsten looked reely pretty it was a reely gd film and i cant wait for spiderman 4 to come out plz make it quicky i reely want to see it and i saw spider man 3 in cinemas and i want to see it again and again here in london every one in school says it was a real gd film plz reply and giv me some info on all the cast n stuf tell me wat there up to and is this goin to someone in the u.s or wat anyway in london i want to see spiderman 4 plz make it quickly

    sabah xxx in london

  2. EMMAA xD permalink
    May 19, 2007 8:58 PM

    i went to see spiderman 3 today and it was fabylusssss!!! was absloutley great fil and was fab towatch at te cinema !!! was greatstory line and i cried wen harry dies but it was a fandabby dosy film GREAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  3. Haider & Mehru permalink
    August 22, 2007 5:01 AM

    We watched spidey 3 in cinema in karachi. Haider thought it was scary but mehry enjoyed it a lot. Haider’s fav part of the movie is eddie brock’s transformation into venom and mehru is in love with the scene with kids and spidey balloons. They want spidey action to continue and are waiting for spidey 4.

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