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Much Needed

May 22, 2007

Just got up from sleep. At last I was able to sleep. I was thinking since morning when will the precious time come when I would be able to touch the medium sized pink floral pillow below my head and the soft yet hard and sturdy bed which is not really like the one Cinderella would be sleeping in after her marriage with prince charming but something like Goldy Locks chose in the house of the bears!

I was asleep as soon as I had shut out every indication of the 38°C outside and touched the pillow. Ah! I just seemed to be transported to heavens! Where there were no problems, no anxieties, no conspiracies! Where there was calmness, tranquility and absolute peace of mind.

No points for guessing why my peace of mind had come back… Mom’s back. As she set herself inside the house a relieved air brushed me. I just knew that now I wouldn’t have to be thinking how I’ll have to get Grandpa’s medicines as one was finished, what my family would like not to have during dinner, and so on and so forth. I was free! And boy! The air is awesome!!

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