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StarStruck with MTV Veejays

May 26, 2007


They had come to my college to do something I don’t know of. But when I saw them, I just wanted to meet them. Seriously, I don’t like taking autographs, cause that’s stupidity in my opinion. I just wanted to meet these guys… Ranvijay, Nikhil Chinnapa and Cyrus Sahukar. I wanted to ask them about their work, their schedules etc etc. So, I just couldn’t go to them without taking their autographs, they would feel bad. And I wanted to make a good impression.

So, I just opened my bag and looked for something in which I could take their autograph. The problem was that I hadn’t taken any copy that day since I had gone to college to get registered for the exam. So, I took out a photocopy of my MSc Part 1 marksheet and sauntered towards them with as much confidence I could gather 😛 Btw I was very nervous and excited. They were alone… they had about 3 simpering girls drooling over them and talking to them. As I went near them Ranvijay said “It’s pretty hot here”. And I said “It must be even hotter in Mumbai!” 😀 He said “But I just feel hotter here”.

Ranvijay started giving a girl from the Hindi dept his autograph. I took my chance and turned to Cyrus, who was standing there. He put his hand out as if asking me for a pen to give his autograph. Oh God… these people love signing!! 😀 Anyways, I asked him “You wouldn’t have a pen of course?!” He said “No, but I think Nikhil has one”. Until then I had got the pen in my bag and I forwarded the paper and the pen to him. I gradually went from Cyrus to Ranvijay and then to Nikhil and then I again took turns to talk to them again individually. It was a great experience to communicate with people like these. Let’s just see what they were like…

Look –

Ranvijay looked very hep, with rings and piercings, he looked far cooler than the other guys. Cyrus was wearing a pink T. But that doesnt mean he was looking bad. It matched his fair complexion perfectly.Nikhil was wearing an Olive Green T and many rings on his fingers. What I liked best was his sunglasses. They were gorgeous. And no, I didnt ask them from him 😛

Nature –

I have a notion that nomatter how these people are in real life, when they are in front of their fans they become over friendly and nice. So, that’s what they were. Cyrus was chatting with me as if I was a family friend and Ranvijay was talking to me about the various problems in his work! 😀 What I liked most amazing was Nikhil’s silent composed attitude. Even with such a quiet nature he was not at all a put off. He was pretty sweet.

I also had this chat with Cyrus about writing as a hobby and profession. Did you know, Cyrus loves writing too. He encouraged me a lot. I just wish that all his encouragement works for me 🙂 .

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