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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

July 24, 2007

I have just finished reading the 7th instalment of Harry Potter and the exhilaration of at last reading the book is still zooming around me like hundreds of white doves.

I do not want to write a review of this book. Then again, I don’t really know how to write a book review. But irrespective of my minor inabilities I wish to share a part of the enormous ecstasy I feel inside.

I know many don’t understand why there is such a hullaballo over J.K. Rowling’s work but I feel it is only when you read them, the 7 books, do you feel what you would have missed if you wouldn’t have read them.

And yes, I’m talking about all the books. The 7th book, I feel is the best among the lot… actually the best book I’ve ever laid my hands on. But you have to read the other six to appreciate the imaginative brilliance of the seventh and the whole series which has undoubtedly gripped the world. It not only tells you an amazing story in the most exciting way but also teaches you a lot about being a good human being.

Without delving more into the main story, which I think is impeccable; I’d love to talk about my experience while reading the book.

The book is pretty thick (almost same as the 6th HP instalment) but it doesn’t frighten a Potter fan like yours truly 🙂 Like many I-want-Harry-to-live crazed Muggles, I also had a piercing desire to read the last chapter first. But when I read the title of the last chapter I declined my own plan as I thought everything would seem obvious and then maybe the ‘charm’ of the suspense will vanish. So, I started reading from the first page after all the dedications. After I started to read from the first chapter I was lost. Feelings like “What’s happening? Why are these people going to this place? Should I have brushed up the 6thbook first before starting this?” … came into me like wildfire. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. It was then 11 PM at night when I started the book 2 days ago. I shut it and lied on my bed closing my eyes and trying to recollect what Harry was doing in the end of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince encounter. Then I remembered. Harry had seen Dumbledore die and Snape, that evil, double-faced traitor, Death-Eater had killed the most loved character. I opened my eyes in a flash and came back to the first page again. Read it again and now realization dawned on me like a field of sunflowers materializing in the horizon. And then, I read on. I could not stop. And time passed by. 1…2…3…. It was not until my brother who woke up at 6 saw me with the book did I shut the book quickly and closed my eyes when I saw his eyes sternly looking at me and comprehending that I hadn’t slept that night.

My body and mind got its chance and lulled me into sleep for 4 hours. While sleeping I felt I was still in the Wizarding world. I had not come out of it. At 10, after doing my chores as soon as possible during which I kept thinking about what Harry, Ron and Hermione would be doing in the morning I finished my food and went back to the world which ‘possessed’ me like a Horcrux. And then time slipped on, my mom could understand that I was into some spell. She was about to complain during lunch but before she could start I told her straight that until the book would be over, neither will I be able to listen to anything, talk to anybody nor would I be able concentrate on my studies as I would still be thinking of Harry’s whereabouts. Mom stopped herself from saying anything to me. She knew I would not be listening to anything she said.

So, for the past couple of days the world of Harry has been mine. I have been camping with him, attending wizarding parties with him, smiling and laughing with him, crying with him and having all the normal human emotions as if the characters were my near and dear ones and whatever happened to them affected me in a personal way… if you know what I mean. I even riveted my mind to think of the clues that could help Harry with his mission.

Every once in a while I would slam my book on the bed, stand up, stretch and cry out saying “Rowling’s a genius”. Another time, I laughed and words like “Oh …my… God … wow” spurted out between gasps of breath. These happened many times. It seemed I was reading the book more with my heart than with my head. There were passages about fights which I skimmed through. But whenever there were capital letters I knew something depressing was going to come and I would start reading intently then.

There were spells which I didn’t understand. I started writing them to check them later… but then I didn’t really know where to look up.

I would like to plead J.K. Rowling to write a book, which has all the spells and the names of people occasionally used in the books.

Anyways, I’m sure if I read all the books again I will know everything and then maybe I’ll write the book myself 😛

So, well, any how …  lemme just say one more thing… I felt the book in reality seemed to have been completed 2 chapters before its real end. I just shut it. I didn’t want to go on. But then I thought, I have to … nothing is over until you actually finish it.

And the book was finished in 2 and half days. My insides are still churning. I wish to read the book again… but I cannot. I have to go now 😦  … return back to my world… the muggle world where we have our own problems to face and missions to complete.

That’s it… I have to go… but before going… I hope that each and every human reads the books… from start to finish; all 7 books… and let these books go on being read for centuries… because these books can never be written again… these are as valuable as any gold in the world.

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  1. August 17, 2007 2:36 PM

    I agree with you! its a great book, but too bad it ends…I feel so empty putting it down after so many years waiting for it…

  2. December 30, 2007 5:43 PM

    yeah..pity that harry’s series comes to an end..i wish we cud live harry’s life…
    and btw….

    the million dollar question is….what do we do now…since the series has spanned almost 10 years.. i feel hollow now

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