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Jaan ki keemat bahut sasti hai!?!

August 7, 2007

I’m quoting here from a topic that is being discussed in the Left Right Left Forum in the I-F… I was myself pretty moved and agitated after reading this…

It’s been written by Prenz~13

Hey guys!! dis topics a bit serious, but after watching d epi today, i just had this thought…in todays episode,something hit me, and hit me real bad…this one dialogue of Gehlot’s..”Jaan ki keemat bahut sasti hai..” now…when I heard this..n thought this over…i realised, well…life has suddenly become such a huge joke for so many people…i mean, there are so many people out dere who thinks its a game to take someones life..or force sum1 to do so..n dat too for d most trivial, and most ridiculous of reasons…i mean, do dese ppl realise how many families dey may tear apart after doing this?? do dey have ANY sense of remorse?? n u no d worst part in all dis…?? most of dese ppl get away scot free…

Nitish Katara fell in love…and this was such a big crime,that he was MURDERED for it..his killers are still walking free..

Jessica Lall was murdered because she abided by the rules of the place where she worked and refused to serve drinks to her killers after closing time..

Priyadarshini Mattoo was made to meet with an even worst fate just because she lodged a police complaint against the man who threatened her dignity…the policeman who was sent to protect her failed 2 stop this man from hurting her further and later,after this man APOLOGISED, he was taken off, and she was killed…

these are just three of the thousand cases in a year which were highlited by the media…but i couldn’t help but wonder..WHY is it that things are so corrupt in such situations?? why is it that Jessica’s sister had to wait for nearly 10 years before she got justice..why is it that Nitish’s mother,who’s old,and alone, is fighting this battle for so long just so her son gets justice?? why is it that Priyadharshini’s father had to fight his battle for so long,and YET a higher court has stopped her murderer’s death sentence on LACK OF EVIDENCE??? Has life really become so cheap and worthless that people who’re committing such horrible crimes are getting away with it?? Has corruption seeped into every core of our “protectors” so much so that innocent people suffer so much???

I’m sorry for sounding so agitated, but I can’t help it…for once after so long, there’s some core issue touched upon in LRL, and i couldn’t help but feel disgusted with what’s happening around us..

Ok, so basically, i just wanted to know what all of you guys feel about this..

Has our judicial system become corrupt that the rich,famous and powerful get away with anything and everything?

Is there any way in we,as citizens,can do anything to help victims of such circumstances…in short..can mocements like “Justice for Jessica” be repeated?

Please do participate and let me what you guys waiting for your replies!

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