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Gandhi,my Father – Review

August 16, 2007

Watched Gandhi, my Father in the afternoon yesterday. Cannot say it was great or for that matter, bad. But I just felt that the movie could have been better than it was. A wonderful effort by the director and the actors’ performances were outstanding… special mention to Akshaye and Shefali who played son, Harilal and mother, Kasturba.But I just felt the dialogs could have been researched a little more and the scripting could have been tighter. I would though give 10 on 10 to the production design, cinematography, make-up and yes, the background score. These pretty much made up for the dialogs… but I’m still disappointed. I expected the dialogs to be at least devoid of too much urdu dialect… Kasturba spoke english too well for her character… Gandhiji had too peppy dialogs, which was funny but I didn’t like them… did not go with the mood.
Harilal was made to look like a loser in everyway… which I felt was weird cause then why would somebody write a biography on him? Only because he was Gandhi’s son? That was exactly what he kept fighting for all his life… even after death he is treated as Gandhi’s son… and that’s the end. In fact Gandhi’s flaws in his character also came out into a new light.

I feel sad for Harilal… also for the maker/writer of the movie… because he should have given another year for his research!

Overall – 6/10

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  1. August 19, 2007 7:11 PM

    you went to see Gandhi My Father on 15th August ? my God , go and watch Buddha Mar Gaya 😛

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