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History of Genetics or the Fiasco in Genetics!! (Old Article… posted from somewhere else the account of which I’m deleting now)

November 27, 2008

Dated: 2nd Aug, 2008

After quite a long time I picked up this Genetics book by B.D.Singh. He is known with great reverence in the lanes of Botany optionals.
So, I opened this book at last and decided to read each page. Now I won’t be writing everything that I read, but there are some things which made me have a nice laugh.
First chapter – History of Genetics.
This is one chapter which might not be ever read by a botany student unless he/she is preparing for this exam. This chapter holds the key to cracking the prelims, along with a few others.
Reading this chapter I realized how many madsters spent their life trying to find how life originated. And it took so many centuries to find that out.
Like this one … till the mid of 19th century everybody thought that organisms originated from non-living matter and not from pre-existing organisms of the similar kind. This type of of ‘thinking’ is called – Spontaneous Generation! If we just believe this theory for a little while, then what do we get? Let’s say … from non living matter – carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and some other elements life started to evolve … then tell me… how can that be at all SPONTANEOUS?!! It’s everything but spontaneous dude!!
Another one… Aristotle is considered to be the greatest “biologist” of the early days and he thought that fleas, mosquitoes and snails orginated from decaying organic matter. Heights!!
There were a group of scientists who thought that “only sperm contributed to heredity”… talk about “Male ego”!!… they were called “animalculists”… that’s ‘animal-cu-lists’ alrite!!
There were another group whom we could say were feminiscientists… who called themselves “ovists”… nice name!! They thought just the opposite … female parent contributes to heredity only… and sperm gives the ‘vitalising force’. We females are pretty liberal you see… we try giving some credit!!

Until next time…

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