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The Advent Of Ugly Betty in my Life

November 27, 2008

Ugly Betty is seriously the most “beautiful” story I’ve ever seen on any television in the world. The relationships are so pure, so amazingly simple yet heart-wrenchingly elaborate in characterization. No character has one side. All have their weak phase and strong phase. They reach the deep dungeons of darkness where lies conniving minds filled with secrets and guilt and where every morsel is of undesirable filth; and then the next moment they rise to the hightest towers of beautilicious fun, mixed with situational, innocent humor with a warm heart.

I never thought I would ever watch Ugly Betty as I had watched the Indian version and read the translated script of Betty La Fea. But one day I did the unexpected. People do sometimes do things they don’t feel they’d ever do. I’d blame the twisting and “conniving” – fate. Fate brought me to this page on the internet where along with news about Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washinton calling T.R. Knight a “faggot” (this was the show which I was swooning over before “Betty” happened), there was this little news of how an Amerika Ferrera won the Emmy Award for the Best Actress. Her picture there looked strangely familiar. Huge spectacles, blue braces and that forehead covering bangs made me go back to the year when I got a cable connection in my house. The very reason for that connection was this same face smiling with all her might in front of the ever judging camera. I remembered how the romance between a less than good-looking assistant and her womanizer boss had won the hearts of every Indian while on air. This led me the wonder what does our “Armaan Sir” (the Boss in the Indian version) looks like in America (not to Amer’k’a … dirty minds!). I googled this man and found some good sites telling me about how great Ugly Betty was doing. Anyways, my curiosity led from one site to another until I decided to see one episode of this show to put my curiosity to rest.

But haven’t you heard? Curiosity kills the cat? Well, for me, it did not kill a cat. But it did kill… my time! I watched from one episode to the next. Oh, God bless Internet and all those lovely people who take pains in uploading 42 min episodes into lovelier sites like youtube and tudou. Many hours hence were spent watching each episode. My curiosity led from one character to another. I could see how different it was from the other versions I had ‘eaten’ before. This one was different. Seriously different.

So, now, I’m hooked. I’m in my second season of this show and I’m loving every minute of it. In another post I might tell you what exactly I mean by different and why am I going “ga ga” over this one now. But I just want to go back watching this episode called “A League Of Their Own” (Season 2 Episode 5).

Bye for now!! 😀

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