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The End of Grey’s Anatomy for Me

November 27, 2008

I know, I know… I’m writing after a LONG time here!!

But listen to this… this post is no forward… IT IS COMPLETELY AN ORIGINAL WRITTEN PIECE BY ME.

If I had posted here earlier then the title would have read… Grey’s Anatomy, the Love of my Life! But it, doesn’t read that. And the reason is… well… multi-japanese-freakin’-fan-shaped-folded.

First, lemme tell ya, how I got hooked. Of course, by seeing the various videomixes here you might have guessed how greatly involved I had got with the Indian novela “Dill Mill Gayye”. On my way towards trying to find where the concept originated from, I got my first glimpse of this show. I got hooked because of the various fantastic medical cases it showed. And then, as I went farther away from DMG fetish, I went more closer towards GA obsession that totally engulfed me into it. I read the scripts and watched the episodes as closely as a diamond cutter would survey his finished cut diamond! I was totally in love with the show, the characters, the little patient stories (which was the real reason why I switched from DMG to GA) and the actors and yes, not to forget, the songs! How to save a life … became an anthem which I sang 24 hours continuously one day, until I felt that singing once more might jinx my life and make my nightmares come true, and that is when I stopped singing the song.

But my point is, I was totally in love with this show. It was almost going to pass Gilmore Girls (my MOST FAVORITE show of all times) towards the #1 slot. But it didn’t reach that summit. Why? Read on.

While watching Grey’s Anatomy, I was troubled with a certain thing. I cannot call this an idea or even a story. Maybe I can call it a concept… in a way. Well, GA has all these couples and all these aduterers and dirty mistresses and man whores and bed manners and lusty love (apart from the awesome patient stories). I was kind of got sick of this after season 3. Till that I was happy with the story. I was extremely happy with the twists and turns. Until the twists got too lethal to keep inside the brain.

That led me into my biggest curiosity pang. Well, when I get this kind of seizure (in ‘med’ term), I become a spoiler freak. I start googling everything from character names to songs to videomixes to every freakin’ thing available on this blessed place called Internet. That is when I found things that threw me over the asteroid… umm… forgive my stupid alliterations and read please-

1) Dr. Burke (played by my fav Isaiah) had left (at the end of Season 3) Christina (Sandra Oh) in the altar (one of the most heart-wrenching scene ever was the one where Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was stripping sobbing heart-broken Christina out of her wedding dress) and the spoiler read, she will move on with somebody else, later in the show. I seriously couldn’t imagine anyone with Christina ever. And this is EVER!
2) Izzie (played by … ahh… I love her… Katie Heigl) would not be with George (played by my other fav star T.R. Knight… actually he is my most fav character) and she’ll cry for him and yet would never be with him ever. I found this article on how a poll was done by the makers of the show to see what people thought about the ‘Gizzie’ pairing and it turned out people didn’t like it. Hence, my bad luck, cause I love their chemistry… I love them the way they are… I loved how wrongly right they were!). This poll gave me a really BIG setback.
3) The final thread that hung with this show was broken when I read the quarrel between some actors on the show and few actors thinking of leaving the show. What actually made me REALLY turn my back away from the show was the double-heads these actors showed in some interviews. The heights of all bitchiness and slurr!


Hence, I made my decision. I’m better off without this.
So, Good Bye Grey’s Anatomy. Hope you do well with your audience. Sorry, I can’t be one of them.

And if you’re thinking whether I’ve really got rid of my DMG fetish. Think again. It doesn’t have adultery to that limit. Although it also does not have patient stories, but I guess, I’ll have to live with that. Thanks to the TV production strike I haven’t missed an episode. I’ll watch this show when the new episodes are aired. And try to think what I’m not missing here 🙂

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