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What’s Happening To Peace In the Middle East?

January 6, 2009


Reading about the Israel and Gaza Strip attacks, this question has more than once crossed my mind.
Could you please help me answer the following questions? This is just to quench my curiosity. Thanks for your help.

Questions are:

1. Was there peace ever here?
2. What does Middle East actually mean?
3. What makes it such a fight-induced place?
4. Don’t they want to live without fear?
5. Another question arises when an Indian reads about these wars… Will India and Pakistan and the adjoining areas also become a chaotic region to the “Middle-east” extent?
6. What has the world been doing to bring peace to Middle East?
7. Who are the terror inducers?
8. Films related to Middle East condition… to understand the place, people and problems better.

No need to answer all of them. Just a little individualistic insight is enough. Please do not send me links to any site as I’m full aware of the “googling”. But you can always copy-paste 😀

Thanks sooo much for your comments, in advance.


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