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March 24, 2009

My computer has been having multifold problems. No wonder I’m not able to write at all here. So, just want to start again, my favorite task of pen-ning down my life. This reminds me of Dumbledore and his wacky habit of collecting his thoughts inside a washbasin which he used to call Pensieve. When you watch it in the Harry Potter marathon movies you can easily mistake them to filled to the brim washbasin. Seems like plumbers were unemployed in the magic world! Or maybe the wizarding world really didn’t know the job of a mere muggle plumber. Pity!

So, let’s now come to the agenda of writing this blog. As you know, I usually just randomly write down everything coming out of my mind. Well, today wouldn’t be a different day either. Read on…

Elections vs Cricket
National elections are very important for a democratic country. It takes the most important decision of handing down the nation to a few number of people who then have the ability to bring about vast amount of Goliath changes and also affect the lives of almost 100 billion people living in every nook and corner of the peninsular country. Now, comparing this to the country’s main religion which reaches beyond boudaries is like asking which side would you take… Chocolate Chip Icecream with Irish sauce or Tandoori Chicken. Obviously you want both. But if given a choice, what?
Now your head spins and you fall down helpless saying “You must be crazy”.
Such a decision was taken by the Sports authorities and finally the verdict was Elections come first in the order of preference. My first reaction was… “says the politicians for whom elections are how they earn their bread and butter and all the luxuries of life”. But then thinking again … elections are important. Real important. We have to give it utmost importance. Cricket, if thinking practically, is just a sport.
So, the verdict… Cricket goes out of the country and elections get to hog every light.
And I say again…. “WHY? Oh, Why?”

Machine Misery
Yeah. I’m talking about my computer. And my MP3 Player. I have had to deal with these 2 alone. Everytime before I used to have my brother orchestrating the revival of the computer. But this time, I’m fighting this alone, with the help of my computer illiterate parents and friends who have the same kind of incomplete knowledge as I do. Anyways, the extent to which my computer faced the almost death-bed is one that can be talked about for years to come. Right now, my monitor shakes like Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. Here actually the “monitor” doesn’t lie when it says that he will be leaving me forever. The SMPS has gone to the nincompoop hardware engineers to find the problem inside its 12 inch body. As a temp a 300W SMPS is helping my to write and post this. My 512MB or the 256MB RAM has some physical damage which keeps reminding me everytime I start the computer. And to top it all, the extent of my problems doesn not end here because I know as soon as the computer engineer steps out of my house my computer stops working again. Misery and disappointment abounds.
Anyways, my MP3 player is ok for now. Thank God and the engineer for that.

That’s me. I guess, I should stop helping others and help myself instead. But that’s difficult, you know! Guess, best I can do is open an unemployment agency, I can help those who are unemployed! 😛

Dreams Unlimited
I have them everyday. And I forget them everytime I am awake. So, nothing to say about that. But there are some daydreams that I’d like to recapitulate. One was about me spending a whole night below the stars. Ah, can’t forget that image. I’ve decided to put this in my bucket list. I will have to spend a whole night beneath those stars, with or without anybody. Another one is about me working in a really hep place. Well, I don’t have a job yet, so, these dreams are always there.

Until next time.

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