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American Television Addiction

April 14, 2009

10 years from now, I was a teenager who just had discipline and studies in her mind. But just after 1st year in college, all the discipline and studies went out of the iron framed window and I was stuck to what the intellent and wise call the “Idiot Box”. 10 years later, I’m here voicing my (parents) dilemma … the Super-Idiot box… the Computer. Many would disagree … How can you call the computer “super idiot”? Obviously the computer is supposed to be the super-intelligent invention of man. But if a person uses it to only watch TV shows and write about them… then? Super-“intelligent”, huh?!

‘Nyways … coming out of the controversy, what I meant was I am watching TV shows nowadays 😛 … loads of them… all the time … and that keeps my computer on for at least 10 hrs a day. Although my connection isn’t that good… but it doesn’t hamper the downloading continuity. After download, I watch them, re-watch them, talk about them with myself… and of course, once in a while write about them and sometimes make videomixes with them… Oh, I keep them in my storage system. And if this doesn’t prove to you the “addiction” part… then…. how about this? … When my computer was down and wasn’t working, I spent hours with headaches, cravings and paranoia. To top it all… I had a persistent body pain and headache. That might also be because of the frequent visits to the computer shops, standing while the computer mechanic looked into the problem and tried to deduce the possible way to revive my (computer’s) life and me thinking up strategies to steal my brother’s laptop from Dehradun!

Ok, now to the American Television viewing part. Ugly Betty, Smallville, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Hell’s Kitchen … are few of what I watch. Yeah, it’s not ending… cause soon I’m planning to start with ER, House, 24, Hannah Montana, Lost … and more … and more. Addiction part, hence, proved!

Hey Reader to this blog post, are you like me too? If you are … tell me one thing … when does this addiction end? Is there any re-habilitation centres for this kinda thing, like we have for alcoholism, smoking and likes?

Help me! Please!

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  1. nishita permalink
    May 6, 2009 7:57 PM

    finally…i meet my twin..!! i suffer from the same problem..and m doing nothing about it either..!! rather i changed my internet plan so that i can download more stuff..!! so i guess this addiction is here to stay..!!

    • crankywriter permalink*
      May 6, 2009 10:50 PM

      Thank you sooo much Nishita for replying. I really wanted to find another addict like me!
      I had to change my net plan too! Once I got this 12,000 rupees bill which freaked my parents out!
      What could I do?
      Thankfully, the broadband people found that I was under the unlimited download scheme … or else I’d been banished out of internet for life!

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