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Kunfu Panda – A Review

April 18, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, but the first time I heard about Kung fu Panda, all I thought was – it’s just another animated movie. I didn’t understand why my cousin obsessed about this movie. She had set her ringtone and wallpaper with Kung fu Panda’s stuff! I thought it to be childish. But now, after me watching it, I want to set my wallpaper as this Panda too. I understand now. The obsession, the love, the whole hooplah around the movie. I get it. Totally.

Let me tell you, this is not just any animated movie. It’s an inspiration beyond thought. It shows a path where there isn’t any. The concept, along with the animation works, dialogs and voices, is just so … beyond any word describable.

I might be just carried away with the movie. But you have to watch this movie to actually feel what I feel right now.

The story in short: Po, a noodle maker’s son (more like adopted son), dreams of becoming a great Kung fu star. But his reality shows him making and serving noodles and if he does well one day he will earn the right to know the secret ingredient of the “secret ingredient” soup from his father. Then one day comes when through some sheer luck and yearning he gets chosen as the dragon warrior by the greatest Kung fu master of all times. But the fat panda that he is, nobody really believes that he could be the greatest warrior of all times. His teacher also has a hard time believing that and inwardly wishes that he disappears from the premises. Then comes the day when quick decisions have to be taken as an old student of the teacher, who has gone bad, has broken the strongest prison and come out to get hold of the dragon scroll that can only be given to the real dragon warrior. Thus begins the difficult journey of readying Po to fight the battle.

The tension, drama and finally triumph might sound like an old formula. But the moral of self-belief and everything brought together makes it one of the best movies of all times.

I’d suggest that everybody should have a DVD at home. It’s a must watch and a must keep.

Rating: 10/10

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