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Monitor Mayhem… the real drama starts now

April 18, 2009

Recap …

Ol’ Computer was gonna die, and I needed something new
Asked around for the best, AOC was suggested by quite a few

Called distributor and went to it’s hive
Saw the specified 18.5
Turned out to be a wide screen
Looking smaller than a square 17

And the twist in tale comes when
Bro declares Samsung or nothing then
But Samsung has stopped making square screens
And now, I’m peeling off my sheens

Now between the Techno and Extreme
I have the option of 17″Benq and a Samsung 15
SO, the time came to take the decision
And brand loyalty won it’s mission!

The Drama continues now…

Consumer code says “Check every item you buy before taking it home”. So, the monitor was taken to the service centre to be opened and checked. It was opened and plugged for us to see. Everything seemed fine, but I don’t know why, there was something bothering me. I looked at the box closely. Read everything written in it. Strangely… the contrast ratio wasn’t mentioned. It is supposed to be mentioned you know! So, I asked around. They had NO idea. One guessed it could be around 700:1. I was dumb founded. Don’t you remember? … I was told… 7000:1? One of them suggested me to go back to the shop and ask for the brochure.

I went back. I asked for the brochure. And there it was … 500:1. On that shiny, glossy pamphlet. With an impressive picture of the 15″ monitor. It was as if, all hell broke lose! I was speechless with horror and madness. All I could say was … “Take this back… I don’t need any monitor!”
I’m a very short tempered person. Whenever such things happen all I can think of is either to break something or break down. I chose the cheaper option. Tears rolled down my cheeks while the others had a gala time making fun of me. Now, as I record this… I feel the embarrassment that I caused my Mom and me. I can never ever control the temper. It just controls me at these times!

But then again, as the money got back to my Mom’s hands and we left the Extreme, I told Mom… it’s very late, we should get back home and I will look for the perfect monitor tmrw. But Mom is … well… I call her the Superwoman… the never say die one… who just will go on and on until success is achieved. I wish I had that quality!

We headed back to Techno. My face were still pale with the previous break down and my eyes were red. The people there of course realized there was something wrong. Then again, it was almost closing time. Half the staff were on their way home. Half of them were trying to find what really happened to me! I declared… “My brother really tortured me today! Just for a Monitor!”

The retail manager didn’t want a sad face at the end of the day … he got the whole staff serving another round of coffee, tending to each and every wish and checking and rechecking the 17″ Benq. Finally the Benq reached the packing stage. While a junior sales guy put on the cover to the monitor, I realized he was packing the same that was on display. We asked for a new one. And the Retail manager contended this was the last piece he had on stock. He said in a way that it felt that after this the era of square monitors would end in the shop! He had some power for convincing! No wonder he is the Retail MANAGER!!

Another reason why he’s so successful is because he knows how to make the customer hold on and not change his/her mind even in the last minute. He offered me a free Shah Rukh Khan DVD. But he was on the wrong foot. I am not a SRK fan. But then again, I loved Chak De India. So, I asked for that DVD. They didn’t have it. Then I pointed to my Mom. She likes SRK. But then … why was my Mom shouting out to me? She was pointing to another direction.

What had happened?

And then I saw the junior sales person and another guy holding the monitor together and putting the plugs on again. That’s weird. The monitor was already checked! Why check again? Mom now screeched … the monitor fell… it might be broken………..!!!!!

Today was seriously a bad day. Nothing seemed right! What will I do now? Will I ever get a monitor? Where should I go? How should I handle this? Should I break down again? Or should I try the expensive version of the break activity?

While my thought process was on, the monitor switched on. The lettering was a little taller … but things were fine. The technician set the lettering right within 20 secs and the monitor was absolutely fine!

Ahh … I was relieved that the monitor was fine. But should we still buy it? The retail manager again… becoming the hero, raised to the occassion of the current crisis… “you can try the DVD first … we’ll see to it that your monitor works fine.” He offered to give his personal number!

As if we wouldn’t get his number anyways!!

Moving on … we saw the monitor getting packed again … carefully, keeping each detail in mind. The SRK DVD was chosen …. DON! And I proceeded to check it in a lenovo laptop.

Oh!! That laptop was something. I just wished I had enough money to buy one of those. But, I have to be happy with whatever I have. The blanket is too small for me right now… My legs are anyways out of it! (Reference: Hindi saying… Jitni chadar ho utna hi pair failana chahiye!)

Leaving the laptop aside and having checked the DVD we proceeded to come out of the shop …. finally.

Finally, I was carrying a monitor…. a new monitor home. Finally, after spending 6 hours of confusion, pain, anxiety, relief and many jolts of near heart attacks, I had in my hand a 17″ BenQ LCD monitor (Just realized the Q is in capital!).

But how long will it survive? Will it ever be as loved as my Samsung CRT was? My Sammy was 6 yrs with me… how long will Ben be?

Counting … now is Ben’s 15th hour here at home since I bought him from Techno …

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