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Monitor Mayhem… Wide or Square?

April 18, 2009

How difficult can it be to buy a monitor?

All you need is specifications. How big should it be? What Brand do you prefer? What budget do you have? And which type of screen do you prefer?

I had everything planned. Well, almost everything. I wanted something similar to my last monitor. My beautiful, reliable Samsung 17″ CRT Syncmaster, that stayed with me in all my times of sadness, anxiety, happiness and excitement. But it was ready to die. It told me that I should change him for another one long back. But I still stuck to him. I wanted to see him through it all. But then again, nothing waits for nothing. I needed to move on. So, I had to give it away…

Anyways, moving on now …
My quest for a new monitor. Similar, yet stylish enough to be part of my home, reliable and wonderful and…. Oh it goes on.

About specifications? … 17″, non-CRT (it’s a LCD/TFT world now … girl… you seriously need to move on!!), Samsung would be preferred … my brother prefers it actually.

Anyways, I asked many people about what exactly to buy, the price range and the monitors going on in the market. Many told me … move over Samsung… here comes AOC. Ok … change of plan now. AOC will be preferred.

Gave the AOC office a call. Got the best price. Went to the office…. a man from there took us to sales place. The best price that he gave… was for a 18.5″ Wide screen TFT. And then the problems start.

18.5″ … although sounds bigger than a 17″… is actually smaller. Cause the size is calculated diagonally. So, an 18.5 wide screen will always be smaller than a 17″ square screen. I was crushed. I actually thought that this time I would be getting a larger screen!! Anyways, called my brother … and told him.

He blasted out. Nobody can see brand loyalty in the way my brother does. He was so pushy … he wanted me to get Samsung even if the price was highest among all. So, I had to tell the distributor of AOC that my brother wanted a Samsung! Just imagine … the look on his face! And the look on each persons face in that 4.5 ft square  shop.

Embarrassed, flustered and confused than ever, we (my Mom was kind to join me in this quest) set off to undo all the hard work I did since morning of looking up numbers of every IT shop in the city and comparing prices and looking for them in the best available distance!

So, we went to the shop where I never get my computer solutions… Techno. They never bother if I’m around or not, and just don’t care. Why did I go inside that shop I really don’t know. Maybe because it was the largest computer shop on the street and is always filled with people! And combined that it was just across the street added to the need to relax for a little while before we go to the shop where we usually buy our computer apparels from (my Mom is getting old … she doesn’t have the energy of the younger days you know!). Personally, I have always hated the shop … they never entertain me ever! I was just about to leave when somebody stopped us. He gave personal attention to us… which was surprising to me!  So, while we sat there, we looked around, asked around. And found…. a SHOCKING truth …. Samsung (and even LG) does not make square screens anymore!

After this revelation. I just need to get away from there. Life seemed so unattainable and frustrating. There was nothing fair for a meat slice like me. The meat slice who is sandwiched between a brand loyal brother and money saving parents! Anyways … I did not lose hope yet. I had hope that the shop where I get my computer problems answered will have my solutions. While I let my Mom sit in Techno… I went to that shop … Extreme Solutions (name changed) … and I was greeted by one of the oldest employees there. I’ve been there so many times, that it’s just like me visiting a cousin’s place. I felt my nerves de-numbing now.

I asked around then in the shop. And they echoed the last shop’s quotation “Samsung has stopped making square screens”. I asked for anything old. They showed me a 15″ square Samsung. Seemed fine. But it’s not the same as a 17″. I went back to Techno to tell my Mom the sad news. I also called my brother who just couldn’t believe it.

Anyways, as we were about to leave Techno, that man, who turned out to be the retail manager, stopped us again … this time offering to show the square monitors he has along with coffee too. My already tired mother eagerly accepted the offer. What I was more interested in was the specifications. They had only one model of a 17″ square in display. A Benq one. It looked fine. Specifications were fine too. But it isn’t the same as a Samsung.

Now what?

What options do I have left? Either I have to sacrifice the size or the brand. What does my brother have to say?
He was stumped too. Then we took the decision. But still not yet.

Mom said, look at the 15″ one first… is it that small?

We went Extreme now. Mom saw it. She liked it. I asked the specifications… what attracted me the most was the contrast ratio quoted by “uncleji”… 7000:1. I believed him as I had seen the other models of Samsung had more Contrast ratio than the other Brands same type of models!

So, we bought the 15” square Samsung Syncmaster. But  …. the story isn’t over yet. This story goes on to become tragic, dramatic, almost violent, accidental and then triumph with something extra… and at last a moral.
Doesn’t that sound like a movie?
It is …

Coming up after this post…

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  1. April 20, 2009 4:57 AM

    thank you for review best site

    good job

  2. May 6, 2009 1:17 PM

    Hi, good post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog. Keep up the good work

    • crankywriter permalink*
      May 6, 2009 10:56 PM

      Thank you SO much. It is important to know what exactly you need. Or you can end up spending a great deal of cash and an electronic junk at home! All the best for your buy.

  3. June 23, 2009 11:04 AM

    Thank you for your post


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