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You believe it or not … article by Vir Sanghvi

July 6, 2009

This caught my eye while reading another article of Vir Sanghvi. What I loved about this article was the honesty of a non-believer

The part that caught my eye was …

The truth is that Christianity is a middle-eastern religion, born in the same general vicinity as Islam. Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew and probably had dark skin, curly hair, brown eyes and Semitic features. The parallels with Islam do not end there. All three Middle Eastern religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) subscribe to the Old Testament and the Koran includes many references to Jesus. Further, the ‘Allah’ whom credulous Americans have come to regard with such dread is a Biblical figure; Allah is simply the Aramaic word for God. The Bible is written in Aramaic so whenever God is referred to, it is as ‘Allah’. And when Jesus talked about his divine father, he probably referred to ‘Allah’.

Say this to most Western Christians and you’ll freak them out….

So, does this mean that whoever wrote the New Testament had some kind of problem with the Jews from the beginning?

This really makes me believe that even God’s words were written with ego and hatred in the back of the mind. How or what is then left to believe? The Bible is considered to be a pure religious text which spreads God’s words after Jesus. What does this spread now?

I am a true believer in the purity of faith and people who write such religious texts (although, yes, I’m a non believer in religion as all it does in today’s world is give you a mark and discriminate you from the other religious believers). But now, religious texts cannot be believed entirely too!

Where in the world is the world going?

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  1. July 7, 2009 12:05 AM

    interesting site, do click n check 🙂

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