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10 mins of Ugly Betty Season 4 Premiere

October 31, 2009

Ugly betty season 4 ep 1I have a real reason to write today.
The reason is simple though.
Ugly Betty is Back! I’m so very excited. It’s office time 😦 , so I couldn’t watch the whole episode, nor can I write a lot. But all I want to write is my first reaction to watching 10 mins of Ugly Betty Season 4 premiere.

Betty dreams of having her braces removed. That’s an up, I mean all this while it seemed like Betty La Fea was kept away from this American version and new areas are being explored. Although this is true, but we should not forget that the story is about Betty’s transformation into a swan.

Betty’s bangs have grown. (See screenshot up) That’s cute. She seems to have some highlights too. Looks good on her.

Justin is going to high school. He looks all grown up and so …. nice. Seriously, I love his character. He is infact one of the reasons why Im not averse to homosexualism and gay people like many people I know.

Hilda and Ignacio are the same. I so love them for providing stability to the show. Hilda looked really amazing in those pink shorts!

Fashion TV reporter. I don’t remember his name now, but I think his real name is Alex. His hair looked different … and so like he should be like! Awesome!!

Willy Slater is hiding something/one in her house. What is it? I am dying of curiosity here. It was because of this that I watched the 10 minutes. But … what are you hiding Willy?

Marc is asking the same question as I am. I hope we get the answer soon. Btw, where is his best friend Amanda? Didn’t see her!

Nor did I see Daniel. What is he doing in Tibet btw? When is he coming back?

And Matt. Oh I think I’m gonna like him in his sarcastic and mean and rude self. Obviously it’s different from what we’ve seen him the past year and I am supposed to hate him, but I’m not sure. He has changed his looks too. He looks fresh and more like a wounded lover. I’m so gonna love him or love to hate him this year.

And I’m sooo looking forward to many more hours of Ugly Betty this year. May it go on and on and on!!

Read the further review for the episode here.

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