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… and finally the whole episode …

October 31, 2009

Screenshot from the show: Butterflies loves Betty

My last post pretty much described my excitement. Here comes the next dose after watching the whole episode. I just finished watching the whole of the Season 4 premiere of Ugly Betty, a one and a half hours double episode. It was quite a consolation of keeping Betty away from her fans for more than 3 whole months!

The episode was called the Butterfly Effect and it reminded me of Betty’s Halloween butterfly costume in her initial days in Mode. This episode though was about Malaria and Matt and Marc and Daniel Meade’s maniacal hitting madness and Meeeegan. Too many “M’s” I see. Yes, this episode was quite something. In short a befitting starting to a new season.

Screenshot from the show: Shows people targetting Betty for being "Daniel's girl"

It can be clearly seen that Silvio Horta doesn’t want to give up on the standard starting the episode with a lot of hope, making the middle full with fights and stress and tension and sorrow and giving it a nice sweet happy ending. Not that I hate it … it’s great … but Silvio … I hope you don’t forget this is not a fantasy tale, this portrays life in many ways.

I honestly believe that half my problems’ solutions are right here. Thanks to the show and the show makers that I’m able to wake up every morning. Get ready and go to office and tell myself “I’m an attractive, intelligent, confident career woman” just like Betty tells herself everday 🙂

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