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Jai Ho! Really?

November 14, 2009

Let’s just get to the point. Today is 14th of November 2009. It is quite an important day for all the A.R. Rahman fans in Kolkata. A.R. Rahman decides to visit his worshippers, ahem… fans in the Salt lake stadium, and people flock into and outside the stadium like as if Ma Durga has descended down to earth just realizing that the 5 days of Durga Puja was not enough!

Call me a sarcastic, but this whole experience of sitting in an overcrowded mini-bus unable to even move an inch for 2 whole hours was not an experience I’d like to experience again! While sitting there I must have thought millions of things. Some like –
Does Kolkata really have this kind of population, or did people from all over the country have come to visit this musical maestro?
What are these guys even going inside for … haven’t they heard any of the Rahman songs? Haven’t they seen performances on TV?
Infact, at least the player will be visible on TV. The back standers will be just listening to really bad loudspeaker echo that would sound more like noise rather than world famous melodies!
So many women with children, crying on their shoulders, holding their little tiny hands holding balloons. Bet they have not an inkling of what’s going on. They might have heard Pappu Can’t Dance Sala! They might have even sung “Jai Ho…” in their school independence day programs. Guess, that’s how their parents persuaded them to come to this madness called a “live show”. But, honestly, is it a nice way to be spending Children’s Day?

Ok, agreed, this live show will rake in big pockets for the singing group and the band. Also a lot of liver patients will be helped, since this is supposed to be a charity show. But …

Well, I know many will think I’m being short sighted and too selfish. But if you would have seen the 70 something old guy sitting beside me hoping to reach home to have dinner or the lady standing among the crowded public trying even stand straight. I felt really lucky and at the same time helpless (thanks to my hero complex :rolleyes:)!
Wonder what Superman would have done! Maybe take all the traffic-attacked buses and cars and flown a little to their destinations! 😀

Anyways, back to reality … seriously I’m flustered by this kind of madness for a live show. I wish there’s some way of controlling traffic, because apparantly the Kolkata police do not have the capability to control traffic nor are they ready for such huge live show airing.

These kinda shows happen all over the world, but does life and people come to standstill just because a handful of artists decide to show their prowess to the public on the stage?

Think people!

Here are a couple of pics I took from the bus …


Entrance Line in front of the Salt Lake Stadium to get inside for the A.R.Rahman concert


Crowd in front of the gate of the Salt Lake Stadium for the A.R.Rahman Concert

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