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Visiting The Doons

March 22, 2010

Traveling to my brother’s city – Dehradun. This city is the capital of Uttarakhand and the entrance to this city is by far the most picturesque that I have ever seen. We came by this train called Akal Takht which starts from Sealdah and ends in Amritsar. To go to Dehradun, you need to get down at Saharanpur and take a bus. The buses are government owned and can be availed from the nearby bus stop from the station. These buses though not the Volvo style are still pretty empty and hence, the ride is comfortable and enjoyable. The journey is marked with scenes of the rural yet prospering India. Smells of mahua, yellowish green flower laden mango trees which makes you dream of the soon approaching juicy mango season, white barked eucalyptus trees marking the dry soils, cows and bulls, sugarcane fields, harvesting vegetables and other crops … so on. There is a certain enjoyment in watching this side of the country. Me being staying all my life in the humid east, don’t think much of how pleasant summers can be in the west. But once I do think, I feel like staying here. Well, I’ll be here now, for the next few days. Will be recording live from here.Stay tuned. 🙂

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