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Corruption and Communal Sentiments

April 11, 2011

Trivialism is what losers do. If they don’t get their way they pick trivial issues and try to oppose just for the sake of opposing. That is what is happening in the Indian political circuit nowadays. A 73 year old man brought out the cause that strikes each and every heart in India. The plague of corruption was drowning the ship and he had the guts to come forward and go on a fast-unto-death pledge for all Indians. He had no political aspirations, nor did he ever do anything for himself. His earlier causes have always been for the betterment of the people of India. Be it the resurrection of his village Ralegan Siddhi, articulation of the RTI Act and even getting corrupt ministers to resign, his selfishness (if you think he has) has always been about the country and not himself. He has no political affiliations and thinks practically and non-violently. What good would he get if he stands against corruption? Especially at the age of 73, how long does he expect himself to live to see all corrupt people of India behind the bars and the money of the tax-payers back to where it belongs? Who would he want to leave his money and property for, that is if he has them?

After reading the news piece about some minister from the National Congress Party calling him a “non-secular” person just because he praised Narendra Modi for his developmental work in Gujarat I was appalled by how trivial a matter they could find to hit him with when they had a bigger cause of drafting and passing an Anti-Corruption Bill in hand. This does not mean that Narendra Modi’s non-secular acts are not known to us. No righteous person can support his special sentiments towards his religion so as to harm people of another religion (as news reports has said). What I mean to say is that we have to look beyond religious affiliations and caste and creed when India is facing a much bigger adversary who does not know caste, creed or even religion. They do not think of all that when they hoard their bank accounts with the tax-payers’ money. They do not see whether the money that they swindle from belongs to an extremist or to a liberal. They simply know “money”.

Hence, my only request to the people who are trying to find these trifling faults in a man who is fighting for a greater cause must look at themselves first and think … are they really hurt by what Anna Hazare said about Narendra Modi or are they trying to fight with him just because they lost the previous battle?

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