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Dear Dell: The Story of my Laptop Repair

February 20, 2013

Dear Dell,

Thanks so much for taking so much care in getting my laptop back to working.

My laptop’s motherboard was damaged due to liquid spillage. I gave a call to Dell service. The technical person there Mr. Kaushik Hazra was very considerate in following up with me and patient with my apprehensions and millions of questions! [Seriously!!]

Initially I was very scared that I had to pay a large sum of money, beforehand, for the new motherboard and warranty (my laptop’s warranty had ended). That too, much before getting the service.
But everything happened so smoothly after the payment.

Just after paying the money, I got an invoice in both soft copy and hard copy in 2 days. [Hard copy through speed post!!]

The engineer made his first visit in about 4 days! [Which is pretty fast compared to another experience Iv had with another laptop brand….. Ahem Ahem – Acer!]

I understand that the Dell service in Kolkata is outsourced to TVS Electronics. They sent a comparatively new engineer initially, who after replacing the motherboard saw that there was no display and they found beep sounds. They decided to replace the new motherboard again. The next person who came also found the same fault. [This happened in two days, every time I would get a call from Dell in the morning setting up a time for the engineer visit].


Daughter Board or I/O Board

The 3rd person, Mr. Suvajit, seemed to have more experience than the last two. He carefully checked the parts and found a problem with the “Daughter board”. Display worked fine this time, just by removing this small part inside the laptop.

From then on, things seemed smoother than ever. Mr. Suvajit made a second visit 2 days later after recieving the parts from Malaysia [in 2 days!!!!!!!]

He came, he efficiently changed the parts in 15 minutes. Then he even installed all the drivers for me.

Thanks for the combined effort of Mr. Kaushik Hazra, Mr. Suvajit of TVS-E and whole Dell After Sales infrastructure, my laptop is running fine. Im happy and hoping this lasts. Then again, I have another 11 months of warranty. I know I can bank on Dell if anything happens.


A Happy Customer 🙂

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  1. October 27, 2014 10:28 AM

    Oh thats a good service you got.Lucky you.

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